YouNow - 2.0 Redesign

YouNow 2.0 Redesign

Summary: In April 2014 I led a major UX redesign that drastically simplified the broadcasting experience, leading to 900% MAU growth within 3 months post-launch.

YouNow is an interactive social live-streaming platform that empowers content creators to earn a living by engaging with their fanbase in real time.


In 2014, YouNow was very complicated, with significant friction that prevented its growth:

  1. Broadcast channels were static, and not user-generated
    YouNow had 60 topic-based channels, ranging from Music to Talk to LGBT, but only one broadcaster could go live at a time in each channel. These channels were also created by YouNow staff, and not organically generated by the users.
  2. Going live was difficult and not guaranteed
    Since only one person could be live in a channel, users had to wait in a queue (sometimes for as long as an hour!) behind a broadcaster to go live and inherit their audience.
  3. Poor mobile experience
    YouNow was originally designed for web, and the mobile app was awful.
  4. Thumbs-down button encouraged bullying
    The audience had the ability to vote bad broadcasters off & end their streams. While this added an element of excitement to the gameplay of the app, it was very discouraging for broadcasters, which led to a poor broadcast experience and user churn. 

We addressed these issues head on, by removing friction and designing a simpler mobile experience that allowed people to go live immediately, tag their broadcasts to improve content discovery, and grow the YouNow community organically.


The redesign led to a significant increase in the percentage of users who broadcasted daily, spurring tremendous growth in our user base. Within 3 months we increased our traffic by 10x, giving us a solid foundation to grow our team from 12 to 60 people in a year.

To hear more about the story of the redesign, read this article.


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