My Work

Product / UX Design

YouNow  -  Moments

Capturing & sharing the best moments from a live broadcast.


YouNow  -  Guest Broadcasting

Allowing broadcasters to bring their audience onscreen to interact live.


YouNow 2.0 Redesign

Removing friction to content creation so anyone can go live immediately.


VR Experiences

Oculus Venues

Watch live entertainment in VR and meet new friends.



An episodic thriller that steps into the mind of a police dispatcher. 


Edible Island

A magical island of powerful plants, protected by the native Echapa tribe.


Mission ISS

Explore space and experience the sensation of microgravity in VR.



A gorgeous animated story about climate change, AI & space travel.


Space Explorers

A cinematic VR series about the new age of space exploration.


Masters of the Sun

A Marvel comic reimagined for VR by Premiered @ Sundance 2018.


Jurassic World: Blue

Join the velociraptor Blue as she fights fearsome predators. 



An asymmetrical multiplayer VR demo where players navigate a maze.



VR Creators Panel @ F8 2018

I moderated a panel at F8 with Jason Farkas of CNN, Jessica Schell of Warner Bros, and Ru Weerasuriya of Ready at Dawn Studios. We discussed topics like UX design, monetization, community, and how to get started as a VR creator.

I've also spoken at GDC 2018, Oculus Connect 4, Oculus Launch Pad 2017, and Afrotech 2017.