As humans we often feel complex and nuanced emotions that cannot be easily expressed on our faces. Our innermost thoughts are convoluted, not easily discernible, and often painful. 

We wear facades to hide these feelings. To project an aura of confidence. And our masks have a dual meaning – not only to convince others of our wellbeing, but to persuade ourselves that things are ok. 

In many cultures throughout history, people have worn masks to affect an aura of power. In today’s society we wear masks everyday - on social media.

The Tomahawk is like a reverse mask – exposing the confused, grotesque realities of our inner workings, in a raw, visceral way.

Tomahawk portraits will be taken as a specific commentary on how modern technology acts as an amplifier for this natural human behavior. By holding the tomahawk up to their faces the models are providing commentary on the infamous “selfie,” and Instagram culture. Everyone putting their best “face” forward. Those who are struggling or suffering either hide it with false images, or are omitted completely from their friends’ social feeds. Tomahawks reveal the grotesque realities of everyday life, and the complicated identities of everyday people.

The models will be otherwise styled to impress, providing strong juxtaposition for the stark contrast of the raw, visceral tomahawk. The mystique of the face being hidden in a portrait adds to the overall strength of the message and visual interest. 



What is the end product?

  • Art installation / experience
  • Tomahawk masks, made out of wood & found materials
  • Portraits done for print, framed. Available for purchase, otherwise collector's items
  • Book, featuring the portraits, writing explaining the concept, and interviews of artists. Possibly a behind the scenes section that talks about the making of tomahawks. Artist profiles. 
    • Book will be at least 50 pages... cover art will be a straightforward portrait of model hiding behind powerful tomahawk mask.
    • the progression of images should tell a story... perhaps a behind the scenes of how Tomahawks was made? Images are a mixture of the final product, and shots of the team working.
    • shots of models from front, where you can't see their face
    • shots of models from side where you can clearly see them holding up Tomahawk to their face... the act of putting up a facade.
  • Augmented reality app (ideas)
    • swipe through a number of masks
    • holding your phone up to the mask, you can see it come to life.
    • procedurally generated masks, based on input from users face. make a face, and your mask is generated.
  • High quality video footage - capturing interviews of artists involved, & models. 
    • Video teaser of model putting on a Tomahawk, in slow motion.