I see myself at the helm of a ship that traverses space and time to a world personalized just for me, effortlessly navigating uncharted lands. 

I see a vast portal that eliminates distance between friends and strangers, where anyone can connect instantly with likeminded people. I see the natural evolution of an integrated interest-based ecosystem.

I see technology that makes telepresence palpable and social, allowing me to reach out and touch my favorite musical artist or actor, irrespective of distance. Where the feedback is immediate, visceral, exciting and lifelike. Where I can broadcast my own dreams and insecurities, and they will not fall on deaf ears. Where I can be a star for an audience of 1 or 1 million, rewarded for the talent I've worked hard to cultivate. Where I own my destiny.

I see revolution and anti-big brother, a living, pulsing brain for the people, by the people. Citizen journalists driven to uncover the truth and free our minds. 

I see a raw, tender vessel for personal intimacy between long lost friends who just happened to meet.

I see the end of loneliness, and the beginning of a collective human consciousness greater than the sum of its parts.

I see an augmented reality that is more authentic than reality, a utopia not bound by physical distance, language or culture - but solely by the limits of human creativity, passion and imagination. 

I see YouNow.

January 21, 2015